Bill Doyle

"Palladium Founder and President Dawn Ely's analysis has been far superior to any business or other legal advice we've received so far. As a visionary thinker with a very analytical mind, she understands why and how things play out the way they do...our intellectual property is well-protected."

We knew we were onto something when we found a way to make natural rubber latex that is virtually non-allergenic. By isolating and de-stabilizing the proteins that cause allergic reactions, we are able to manufacture latex products that retain all the best attributes of natural rubber without irritating the skin. While this opened up a world of opportunity for our company, it could also open up a world of problems if our interests weren't protected.

Palladium Founder and President, Dawn Ely offered a depth of understanding and experience that proved to be invaluable to us. She showed us how to better protect our intellectual property by rewriting contracts that were lacking in critical details and creating relationship-defining documents that both identified and addressed key technology and ownership issues, and presented those in palatable and agreeable ways to our external business alliances. In doing so, she recognized a number of long-term business concerns, and showed us how to address these in ways that would protect our interests and enhance our business relationships.

Ms. Ely is both observant and visionary in recognizing business impacts that even our business managers did not see. In serving our interests, she continually sought to understand the cause and effects of our industry and about Vystar in particular. The result has been a uniquely pro-active approach to legal and business issues, with a focus, not just on liabilities, but on possibilities.

By serving as in-house counsel, Palladium is ideally poised to manage the inherent complexities and liabilities of working inside an organization as a business partner. Yet Palladium's unique business model makes an in-house counsel accessible to many companies that do not have or may not need a full-time General Counsel."

Bill Doyle
President and COO, Vystar Corporation