Expanding Internationally Isn't Just a "Business Issue"

The world is becoming smaller and smaller from the standpoint of business-to-business communications and market access. The laws, however, are not so integrated. There are certain areas of the law where countries have tried to make it easier for companies to do business across borders and to maintain consistent standards all around the world by "harmonizing" these laws and standards. Examples include medical device & pharmaceutical laws and patent and intellectual property laws.

Doing Business in Brazil

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from my trip to San Paolo representing the World Trade Center this past spring. I went to Brazil representing several interests from the WTC, to an Atlanta incubator, to assisting Brazilian companies wanting to come to the US to do business, to my own company looking for opportunities in Brazil. So I crammed a little Portuguese study, hoping that my Spanish background would get me by with minimal Portuguese knowledge, and flew off to an unfamiliar country.

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